Analytical framework for BCI-fi used in

Here, we rate these works in terms of realism and hope. Consistent with the second word in “science fiction,” BCI-fi doesn’t have to be realistic. Stories can be fun, thought-provoking, and/or educational even if quite detached from reality. However, unrealistic BCI-fi may foment unmerited fears, false hope, poor decisions about which BCIs to use and trust, and other concerns. Unrealistic BCI-fi may also create an opportunity for “hard” BCI-fi in which realistic challenges and issues might seem like a breath of fresh air. Indeed, this is where we authors are now. We’d love to see good “hard” BCI-fi.

We also provide a section in each story for “About the Author” that can include a reasonable amount of text and pictures. Authors are welcome to add other commentary about their stories, what inspired them, real-world connections, etc.